In The Company of Strangers

“Around 1990, I had a wonderful visit with an Ojibwe man from upper Wisconsin. While exchanging information about our languages, we realized that neither one of us could find a word to address the other as enemy.”

Albert White Hat Sr.

I absolutely love this quote. It is an incredibly powerful statement that brings me to tears and also makes me wonder. Growing up with standard public education (i.e., indoctrination) in the US, when taught “history” regarding the Native populations, the view was always asserted about how warlike and hostile they were among themselves. And yet, these two men, from their own original languages, could find no word to relate to the other as enemy.

It is also a very powerful statement regarding the humanity that each of us inherently carries within and is naturally born with. The vast majority of people on this earth want only to live simply in peace and to have what they need to do so. When governments and colonizing forces wage war and genocide upon the people and land, and continuously practice their insidious divide and conquer stratagem of corrupt politics, then we find ourselves engulfed and mired in exactly what we have today: a wasteland of human ignorance as people turn upon each other and further fuel the fires of disintegration and chaos.

To quote Krishnamurti, “It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.”

How long will we continue to allow these tyrannical governments to rule us in such blatantly unethical ways?

Is it really so difficult to just stop contributing – the means by which we give our consent – to a system that seeks to disenfranchise each one of us on so many levels, and start working with each other to build a system that is of the people, by the people, and for the people?

When did we so completely abdicate moral authority over our own individual conduct and ability to choose wisely for ourselves, only to end up with the system that does not serve the people, but rather enslaves them to feed its insatiable war machine and endless genocidal policies? This, ironically, is what your voting is continually giving consent to. If this is not clear to you by now, you have chosen not to see it with open eyes nor with self-regulating mind. Ignorance is the act of ignoring. It is a choice. As is freedom.

If we have learned anything at all, then it’s time to make these choices for ourselves, en masse, or never, and not at all. In the company of strangers, as different as we are, we are still the same, in very simple, yet deeply profound ways.


Vagabond Lies

“Don’t be so hard on yourself”, he gently admonished.

“I’ve got to be!” I reply, exasperated, “I’m all I’ve got. My culture, it’s empty of wisdom! I’ve got no elders, no teachers. Everything I learned, I learned the hard way. Experience may be my guide, but my people, their minds are colonized, filled with propagated illusions and vagabond lies. They teach their children false history and defiantly oppose anyone who speaks the truth.”

“Think! Where would you be today if not for your elders, your teachers, your culture! You know above all else, this is a hard road of self-discipline. I cannot afford to falter here! You’ve got your people, your elders, your ceremonies. I can’t very well go out to the rez with my white skin and blue eyes and appeal to these people. To them, I am the oppressor. Even though I know deep in my bones and without a shadow of a doubt that these people, your people, keep true wisdom. I honor and respect that! Their ways, the ceremonies, the teachings, gave me who I am today. I would not be here alive before your eyes now with the strength I carry if not for what these people imparted to this land with their lives. It will never be denied.”

I arose, walked to the edge of the cliff-side overlooking the river, turned, and looked at him.

“This land, she is steeped with the spirit of the people, no matter where you go. You said yourself, the reservations are nothing more than concentration camps. You cannot contain the heart and soul of a people within a barb-wire fence. The people belong to the land, not the other way around. I cannot forget this, nor can I turn away. It’s in the very blood of who I now am. My ancestors may be of Eire, and they speak to me, yes, but my life is here. I am a daughter of this land. The spirit of this land is an indigenous one. My heart abides with these people. I need to learn the language. This is who I am.”

The Fires of Beltane

Walking in both worlds of the ordinary and non-ordinary is like walking the edge of a sword. It is re-cognition (remembrance) and humility (awe) infused with a deep and profound sense of responsibility, fed with perseverance. ‘Tis a formidable road of powerful experience for certain, and nothing here is ever felt with ease, but, rather, more like vast undercurrents of ocean waves about to carry you out to sea. This road is a journey such that once undertaken, there is no turning back. To walk, thus knowing, in a world completely and purposely cultivated with unknowing and wrought with misunderstanding is like waking up in a foreign land, yet knowing the place like the back of your hand.


Growing up artistically inclined in a spiritually vacant culture, in retrospect, was like having the extra sensory perceptions of a blind person while still being able to see.

While young and living in the Pacific Northwest forest lands, I spent a great amount of time wandering the woods for miles near where I lived. It was at this time in my life that I also experienced profound shifts of perception and significant awakenings. I attribute these events to the fact that I was literally walking upon land that for millennia was steeped in indigenous cultural traditions and spirit. This land of my birth, North America, is a land of deep indigenous tribal heritage. It is the land of the ancestors of this lineage who have walked before us, who are now looking back at us, beckoning us to awaken and follow. Their blood and bones, and all their ceremonial reverence and wisdom continues to reverberate through the ages; it will never be silenced. This land forever holds the echoes of their footprints, the visions of their dreamtime, the smoke of their fires.

I feel very strongly that this is the reason all of the experiences I was having and continue to have are often of an indigenous nature. I was given to understand things about myself which eventually brought great insight to my self awareness, but which at the time were quite confusing, and it took years to sort them all out. Without having any traditional elders to rely on, this quest has been a very solitary journey, yet I learned early that I was never truly alone. I also learned to never speak of such matters to those who have no understanding or experience of it, for the consequence will be harsh. My spirit allies are strong, and they are protective. I am given to this path as much as it was given to me. It has felt very much as though my time spent walking upon the land of these ancestors, and then later seeking out and researching everything I could find regarding their traditions, and approaching with respect and reverence was definitely noticed by those from the other side. As they say, when you take notice of the spirit realm, those in the spirit realm take notice of you. It was like that for me, a very interactive experience from the beginning; quite humbling and grounding.

Conversely, the culture of my birth, the land of the American Dream mythos and its aberrant government, has proven itself to be a fraudulent and deceitful entity. The tides of upheaval that are currently manifesting are the results of people waking up to the fact that the government of this country has long perpetrated a genocidal blueprint of corruption within its own borders and throughout the world. We live in a time of growing chaos, where sorting fact from fiction takes an inordinate amount of time, dedication, and research. I celebrate and applaud those who do so, for they pave the way for others to do the same. It is the quantity and growing intensity of the continuing propagated madness that keeps people distracted, but it also reveals how desperate and fearful the schemers are of their ultimate plan failing. Desperate times call for desperate measures, and by this standard, their time of reckoning has come; their days are numbered.

When one is tapped into the traditional wisdom of tribal integrity, there is no stronger philosophy of life to be found. The knowledge of indigenous wisdom holds the keys to the survival of our planet, and all her people. This is what the controllers of modern humanity have tried so desperately to erase with their historical worldwide agendas and the genocide of tribal cultures. But truth prevails, and these are decidedly the days of prevailing truth. Like the voices of the indigenous, these winds are blowing fierce and strong with each and every new day.

So if we are to pronounce that which will create a system which makes the old schematic of corrupt governance unacceptable and obsolete, let us choose from among the wisest cultural traditions to be found on this earth. Let us learn what it means to live in balance, and with reverence for all that is. Let us learn to set aside greed. Let us set aside opposition and war in favor of communication. Let the highest good of all be the goal. Let us remember, true leaders work to lift the people up, never to subjugate and oppress them further.

The great and converging tides of change and inspiration are filling the borderlands and every facet of all our lives. This should be our calling card that now is not the time to wait. Now is the time to choose.

An Inside Job

As one year closes and another commences, I am reminded of all the work completed and goals accomplished this past year; yet with so much left to be done, I am also reminded of the ebb and flow that quietly informs our lives with an undercurrent of steadfastness and courage requisite when facing such times of uncertainty. In the very act of letting go we are given security to stand on our own, making room for what needs to grow by throwing out what needs to go. For each of us this is a constant and transformative process throughout life, but never so poignant as when one year ends and another begins.

May the coming year be one of inner transformations of such magnitude that we see monumental change effected in real time, real world surroundings. May peace find it’s way again to the forefront of the imagination of the people, and thus so, in their lives as well. May those who propagate fear, war, and hate be relegated to the sidelines as historical footnotes, that we may begin to create artfully lived lifetimes here and now, rather than in some hoped for distant future.

May all who understand this and seek to create change for the good of all in this world, here and now, reach deep into the innermost sanctum of their being and forge new chains of self-mastery, each link representing another challenge faced with undaunting strength, grace, courage, and wisdom. In healing the self, we heal the world. The work to be done is an inside job from day one. May we all heed the wisdom and truth of deeper ancestral knowledge, and seek not to gain of this world, but to be that which dreams and creates the world anew. Amen and blessed be.

Requeim For Wisdom

“In the discordant noise of our time, it may seem that harmony and balance are lost to us as soul-less science and life-less religion each noisily clamor to be heard over the other. In this fragmentation we lose our story, we lose our holy nature, and we fail to live up to our potential as co-creators with the divine. Yet the sacred harmony is not lost to us as much as we are lost to it.”
Judith L. Nilan, A Legacy Of Wisdom

To live among those who are bereft of any sense of the sacred or any intellectual tenacity for critical thinking can often be a bothersome challenge. The work at hand requires patience, caution and perseverance. For make no mistake, like cliched crabs in a bucket, the ignorance born of insecurity and fear will seek to discount and ridicule the wise at every opportunity as an antidote to their own shortsighted lives.

They refuse to study their own psychology or tend to their own inner turmoils. Malcontent, and often indolent, they consistently fail to see the finger they point leaves three more self-directed. Often fluent in passive-aggressive tendencies and typically condescending, they become recalcitrant reformers, staunchly insistent in imposing their own views while refusing to see they’ve already abdicated their own in so many ways, and have yet so much to learn. This lack of humility shines incredibly bright in our world today, and fuels a relentless wildfire of ignorance on a great hamster wheel of rhetoric. While more than happy to project their own psychosis upon others, their connivances are easily dismantled in the light of truth.

Perhaps the greatest hurdle they face and are unable and unwilling to accept is the challenge of the road within. To step in front of the proverbial mirror and turn an inward eye to our own minds, our own conscious and subconscious psychologies, is the greatest work any of us will ever engage in. From this only, will greatness shine. Think how quiet the world would suddenly become if every one of us realized this truth, rather than continue on distracted and outwardly directed by a culture that insanely bombards its people with fear, disorder, and disease. True, one must also tend to the tasks at hand in a chaotic world such as ours, but the most important fire to tend will always be the one that burns within. True warriorship is born of this, and wedded with serving a greater truth. Modern culture consistently fails to teach this, while indigenous wisdom has always known this, and for millennia has taught and practiced these ways.

The problem with ignorance and those who practice daily the contrivances of a misled society are often the most challenging part of the process of awakening to and practicing deeper truth. For ultimately wisdom tells us we must leave them where they stand to discover for themselves what they will at their own pace, and accept that perhaps they never will. Wisdom is always a matter of choice, and each of us can only master his or her own path to the degree with which effort is given. No more, no less.

Grand Larceny

This makeshift reality of deception so masterfully propagated evolves from a deep-seated current of malevolence darker than most care to consider. As such, it requires a deeper knowing coupled with intuitive skill to override the programming. At best we are fodder and grist for the machinations of those who own and operate the mill in this grand larceny of human souls if we do not opt to choose for ourselves and walk a path of truth. The deeper the river of falsehood, the greater the strength and fortitude needed to overcome this multifaceted web of lies that serves to enslave mankind into a soulless and psychological entropy that all but destroys the intuitive mind and creates an insidious collective apathy, unnoticed by all except those with the most intrepid and exploring minds.