Fear not The Path of Truth

“Fear not the path of truth,  for the lack of those who walk upon it”

In these times of burgeoning national and global tyranny, never before has it been the most patriotic action to take, than to turn a very critical eye towards the governing institutions, politicians, and corporations controlling this country, and demanding absolute accountability and truth.

Whether or not you choose to believe it, there is a very powerful parasitic paradigm in place that seeks to create dis-ease and chaos, to disenfranchise and enslave the populace, and to ensure that you inhabit a prison of fear and live a life of increasing poverty and distraction, so as to be completely oblivious to what it truly happening right before your very eyes.

Educate yourself. Take the time to research. Question every piece of information you are given to believe as an ‘official’ version of anything. Do not fall victim to the conditioning and propaganda that is the hallmark of social engineering, which entrains a people to react exactly how the controlling agenda would prefer you react: as mindless victims and complacent slaves.

Divide and conquer? The oldest trick in the book. And Americans have been under its spell for years. Think for yourselves. Turn off your televisions. Talk to your neighbors. Disengage from the us-versus-them mentality in order to realize that every single one of us has been targeted and deceived by our government for decades.

Turn towards alternative sources of information to get a clearer picture of what is afoot and what the hidden agendas are. Of these sources, there are many to choose from, including: http://www.thecrowhouse.com with Max Igan; www.21stcenturywire.com, with Patrick Henningsen; www.ianrcrane.com, with Ian Crane; www.chiptatum.com, with Gene Chip Tatum; http://www.federaljack.com, with Popeye Dtrh; http://freedomfromgovernment.us, with Trent Goodbaudy; http://www.geoengineeringwatch.org, with Dane Wigington; http://hendersonlefthook.wordpress.com, with Dean Henderson; and http://gizadeathstar.com with Joseph Farrell. These are all valuable sites to gather data and educate yourselves.

Never underestimate the power and influence that social engineering and propaganda management has had over every facet of our lives in the decades leading up to these most precarious of times we are now facing and living in. Do not also underestimate the power and influence of the unseen metaphysical aspects to what we are currently experiencing. To do so would be a grave mistake, for those in the upper echelons of global control are very well versed in utilizing the machinations of esoteric wisdom.

We, The People, have very little time, and no choice but to unite and act upon these courses of history that are coming together in fruition with exponential speed, and deadly consequences for us all. Complacency is not an option; and with all the information available today, it is unconscionable to sit back and wait for others to take action.

I implore you to educate yourselves. To vote with every dollar you spend. To turn off your televisions, and pay attention to what you feed your children. Do not fear your neighbor. Fear your government. For I assure you, your government fears you, and all of your neighbors, united and strong, standing as one for truth and justice. Standing as one, The People own the power to eradicate the tyranny of corruption, greed, and lies. The time has come, and the hour is now upon us.

“And when you know even for a moment that it’s your turn, you can walk with the power of a thousand generations”



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