The Politics of Polarity and Fear

What have the politics of polarity and wages of fear wrought upon this nation if not a people divided? A people divided are easy prey, and we have increasingly become easy prey with these paradigms of social constructs insidiously propagated to keep us living in fear and divided along misconstrued lines of separation that ultimately, and from a universal perspective, need not exist. Every faction of a society propagated is a fault line and fracture working against the people living in that society to live and prosper with unity, and exhibits a clear lack of insight into the universal laws which are the true guiding principles of wisdom that will enable people to discard such destructive policies as those that induce fear and polarity.

We live in a time that is saturated with political greed and misconduct. If those at the helm of the leadership of a nation are guilty of corruption, then that becomes a stain upon the fabric of that nation’s culture. Without a moral compass and foundation of truth guiding a nation’s leadership, and where corruption is allowed to flourish, the polarities engendered and promoted do nothing but serve to divide the people along lines of us and them. And in order to further inhibit a population from naming this corruption for exactly what it is – Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations – the politics of fear is utilized as a means to create further distraction from the current reality of the situation.

Fear as a weapon is a most potent form of control and manipulation. As a culture, we are continually bombarded with negative and fearful media programming designed to keep those currents of energy flowing throughout every aspect of our lives. And, whether we realize it or not, the way we perceive stress and process negative thoughts often has an exponentially greater effect on our health and well being at a cellular level than the actual stress itself. Human nature being what it is, we tend to ruminate and easily fall into negative thinking patterns regarding scenarios real or imagined. And clearly, if we are continually bombarded with fear inducing imagery and propaganda, on a subconscious level, we are continually impacted by a chronic fight or flight energetic program running through our minds, whether consciously perceived or not.

It is a very insidious and effective form of manipulation on many levels. The more fear people feel, the more they react emotionally. The effectiveness of these subtle manipulations cannot be overstated. Commonly known as psychological warfare, these tools of perception management have been in use for decades. What is not commonly known is how such manipulations affect us at a cellular level and from a neurobiological perspective as well.

Chronic stress and fear can cause biophysical changes within the body, and profoundly alter the areas of the brain that process emotions and memories. When in a continuous fear and stress based fight or flight emotional state, the body is more likely to be flooded with a chemical cocktail of inflammatory hormones, which further compromise health and are often the common denominator of many chronic degenerative diseases. The brain’s communications systems function at a higher efficiency in a healthy living organism, much higher than one compromised by constant fear and stressors. Our ability to respond effectively directly corresponds to this. Hence, the reason we are constantly kept in a state of fear and uncertainty by the mass media perception machine.

The more we perceive life to be dangerous and threatening, the more our health is compromised at a cellular level, and in such a way as to render us less able to react from a place of calm and measured intelligence than from a fear based emotional state. And the less calmly we are able to face stress and danger in a methodical and rational manner, the more likely we are to abdicate that responsibility to another, more authoritarian figure or act out in rage. Responsibility is the ability to respond, and if we are unable to respond well, then we have lost the battle before it is even begun. The politics of fear and polarity are designed and perpetrated for exactly this purpose, and continue to be imposed upon us for these reasons, whether or not it is publically acknowledged.

So, in a not so roundabout way, the constant influx of negativity and fear based propaganda, coupled with the Standard American Diet of mostly processed and chemically laden ‘foods’ which also have a profoundly negative neurological and physical impact, has seriously and negatively compromised the health of the population. In effect, creating a nation where dis-ease, chronic illness, and cognitive decline have become the norm, and not the exception to the rule.

The health and vitality of a culture is a measure of its strength. And we are not a healthy culture on so many levels. This is why it is crucial to turn away from the programming and tune out the constant barrage of fear and polarity that are the mainstay of the media machine. Reject the fear and propaganda. Learn to think for yourselves, research, and find alternative sources of information. Purposely spend time quietly, and if at all possible, as much time outdoors as you can. Nature is the best de-stressor there is. Connect with those who are also seeking to disengage from that which is compromising our health. And I am by no means suggesting that one stop paying attention to what is happening around the world and in their community. Be selective, and question everything that comes from the mainstream media, for it usually laced with an agenda of subterfuge and dogma.

When you consciously remove yourself from these circuits of negative energy patterns, you will become more centered and relaxed, and will become more effectively able to navigate these insane times we find ourselves living in, and perhaps also better assist others who are struggling to understand. Like it or not, we sink or swim together. The system as it stands in America today is intentionally and criminally corrupted from the top down. We do not need, nor do we want, a government of, by, and for the corporations. The People United own the power to abolish the greed, corruption, and war that has plagued modern society with a relentless persistence for far too many years.

It is as a thirst that will never be quenched to be lacking the insight of the authenticity and wisdom of truth that should be the guiding principles of this nation’s government. There is no stronger foundation to stand upon than that of truth. The most dangerous American citizens alive today, to the upper echelons of power and control, are the ones who will inspire the people to awaken, unite, and throw off these chains of illusion in order to restore the integrity and balance of truth and justice.

Are you one?


9 thoughts on “The Politics of Polarity and Fear

  1. Thank you Erin for sharing your thoughts. You have packed a lot of information into this article. Everything starts with a thought. With that we as Individuals are creators of our present and future. We can only hold one thought at a time. If we have a choice between love and fear, which one do we pick? I pick love and so do you. I have my gatekeeper that checks incoming information on where it falls or which energy it comes with. If it comes with love, I open my heart. Thank you and may all your days be filed with love.


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