The Age of Truth Revealing Itself

In this age of truth revealing itself as never before, we are suddenly confronted with knowledge that allows us to see with profound transparency, from where we have come to where we now find ourselves.

What has in the past been regarded and accepted as unquestionably true, has countless times in this age been upended and found to be a compilation of deceptions and fraud designed to control our perceptions, and thus our actions in light of those perceived truths. To uncover lie after lie in so many veins of modern culture, from history to medicine, from religion to politics and everything in between, can potentially be a most enlightening experience, but often only after one gets through the sobering maze and overwhelming moments of discomfort from the depressing realizations that occur when the foundations of what we thought to be true get truly shaken.

To extricate oneself from imposed illusions is to let go of that which we already somehow knew on a deeply instinctual level was patently false, and therefore restricting our true living potential.
And to so liberate ourselves in such a manner, we are then confronted with the question of what to do with this new found perspective. Where do we go next? How do we continue to create meaningful lives and contribute to that which is of the truth when surrounded by so many deceptions and power structures aimed at controlling and restricting our behaviors and health every step of the way?

We must disengage, as much as we are able to given the circumstances, from every facet and thread of that which is born of this machine of deception every chance we get. It might seem insurmountable, but if enough people turn away from that which is false and connect with that which is of the truth and with others who choose the same, and start doing for themselves and for each other, a tide begins to form. And where there is such a tide, there is a powerful current. That energy builds upon itself to become ever greater with the momentum of its own actions.

There is no stronger foundation than that which is built upon truth. A foundation built upon lies will invariably fail. There is universal law and there is man made law. Universal law is based upon truth. Man-made law? Well, we can clearly see what this has wrought. To be sure, there are many amazing accomplishments in the history of mankind. Now imagine the possibilities if greed were suddenly taken out of the equation, and everything accomplished was done for the good of all, with utmost regard and respect for future generations. This, I propose, should be our greatest calling.

Do not wait for a leader, lead yourselves. We all intrinsically know what to do. Respect others as you would yourself. Respect all life as sacred. This is the path of truth indigenous cultures have practiced and taught for millennia. It is time to heed the call.

Fear not. For fear is a restrictive energy and does nothing to empower you and everything to dis-empower you. Examine your fears and discard them. They are useless to you, and have been instilled to keep you in a state of paralysis. Be open to change, to new ideas. Question everything. Revel in your new found freedom to not be subservient to that which is not of the truth. Liberate yourself. Explore! Truth is a very powerful field in which to engage your living consciousness. Live each moment well, and everything else will start to fall into place.

One of the most difficult truths to face is that of the great suffering inflicted upon others, which is modern slavery in multiple guises: war atrocities, mass incarcerations, usury and central banking, debt based economies, monopolization of media and education, toxins in the food and medicines we ingest. How does one reconcile themselves to this madness? I do not claim to know the answer, all I can relate is what my experience evolves to be. If we do not educate ourselves, we leave it to others to do so, and if we leave it to others to do so who may not have our best intentions at heart, where does that leave us? Who is responsible for our knowledge and education? In short, we are. There are no more excuses because we now have a windfall of information at our fingertips.

If we choose not to enlighten ourselves, so be it. I can only choose for myself, as is true for you. We can choose to connect with others who are choosing for themselves as well, or not. Most people seem to prefer complacency in this regard, because – and I can truly attest to this – it takes a great effort to educate yourself. It requires a complete dismantling of everything you were taught to be true in your lifetime and re-educating yourself. It does become easier with time, and the further out you are willing to take your perspectives with regards to ancient history and the deeper transcendent teachings, the easier it becomes to stay calm while surrounded by chaos. It is a simple task to decipher truth from fiction, and see the media spins for what they truly are: fear porn. The moment you start to unravel the myths is the moment you emancipate yourself, and to become liberated from deception is to choose sovereignty over slavery.

To begin the process, one must peel back layers and layers of social conditioning, as one would layers from an onion. Question everything. Dis-spell the labels and memes. The deeper you go with the interior work of yourself, and in analyzing and comprehending the exterior world we live in, the less willing you are to allow yourself to be polluted by that which is of this world and designed to keep us disenfranchised and in a state of dis-ease. Connecting with, and learning from others of like mind is crucial to this process of awakening, and helps to ease the isolation that is commonly felt on the frontlines.

Is it possible that we have been misled for centuries by those who wished only to control and enslave us??? Yeah, pretty much. And who is responsible to this revelation? We are. As well it should be. Enjoy the ride, because it’s exciting as hell, but without all the incumbent bullshit once you learn to see it for what it is. Cheers! And hats off to those who live to dispel illusion and propagate the truth!


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