And Still The Drum Beats On

The drums. Their beat rolls on.
Through the hills and valleys of my mind,
and through my heart they summon me.
Ages past, ancestors dwelling upon this earth,
shed their blood and buried their dead
in their own fierce battles for justice.
And still the drum beats on.
Those who hear it and listen
and heed the call are awakened
to their souls full potential
incarnative dance with life,
and shall have no fear of death.
No price too high, no burden too heavy
for to carry the weight of this drumbeat in your soul.
It is everything you have ever been, are, and will ever be.
And still the drum beats on.
Unstoppable. Unfathomable in depth
because all who came before
and carried your blood
are here with you now.
They hear the drumbeat of your heart.
They feel it in your soul.
Never give in. Never lay waste
to that which comes from within
and speaks to you of truth
and love over fear and death.
For in truth there is no death.
And in love there is no room for fear.
Die now to the self that you choose to be.
Burn out all of the chaff and waste and debris
this world has laid hard upon you.
Walk a free man. Walk a free woman.
Dare not to tread this earth in fear.
The time has come.
And for you, the drum beats on.


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