The Plague Of Nations

Is there something in our collective ancestral heritage that points to the reason we are so contentious and prone to war? What is the spark that fuels the fire of conflict and corruption that bleeds from us daily the right to inherit an earth that is safe haven for people, families, and cultures to live and prosper without greed and despair? When it is so obviously an easy task to complete any endeavor with the cooperation and creative talents of all those involved, why do we continually fall prey to those who lead us to war and continue to desecrate this earth with their genocidal ways? Why are we so silently complicit in looking the other way? Are we really so afraid? If so, then of what? Of what others may think if we speak or act counter to alleged social norms? This fear of what others will think is the most ridiculous yet powerfully persistent self-imposed prison ever perpetrated, which enables the corrupted corporate and governing powers to continually wage their unprecedented campaign of disinformation and annihilation upon us. It is the blind allegiance to that which proclaims authority over you, and acts without morals while claiming such authority, that allows this facade to continue year after year.

Do not let the psychopathy of others define who you are. Do not allow yourself to continue to be one of a multitude of caricatures of social programming. Reach out and step across boundaries meant to hem you in to certain views of your world. Every time you feel the urge of hesitation for fear of what others will think, keep going. Walk beyond those walls which are there to ensnare you into repetitious patterns of behavior. Question everything you are served and given as truth by your so called leaders – or more aptly, misleaders – and look elsewhere for your truth and understanding.

I posit the plague of nations to be wrought by the dark and deceitful hearts of a ruling elite bent on keeping us mired in economic distress and divisions of contention. Have we not had enough of their disempowering agendas? Can we not see clearly the inherent power we all collectively own to provide for ourselves and cooperate with one another to accomplish our own goals, if we but simply choose and claim as much for ourselves? Are we going to accept another generation of this divide and conquer paradigm that has so enslaved us physically and mentally?

It is said we are a species with amnesia and I could never argue this, so clearly apparent this has become. It is also said we are governed by those whose only wish is to keep us in a state of ignorance as to our true origins and history, and one should be very inclined and compelled to wonder why. To be kept in perpetual darkness is to be kept in perpetual slumber. To accept what we are given to believe is true history as solid verifiable fact without question is akin to suicide. For without a clear understanding and perspective of history we are in slow decline as a species rather than evolving to become the greater spiritual beings we are.

The greatest weapons we have available to use to overcome the imbalances present in the world today come from within. It is critical we turn inward to transform ourselves from the inside out, and only then can we surmount and then surpass these challenges we are faced with. In this regard, consciousness is the final frontier, and is where this great work will manifest. Until one looks beyond the mundane of this world, becomes deeply introspective, and critically analyzes their own beliefs and consciousness, they will remain on the hamster wheel of searching for answers externally, in the material world. The battlefield is the mind, and directed consciousness is the key. It is all too easy to be distracted in this world, and that is by design. It is crucial we turn a discerning eye inward, where all true sovereignty begins, and will ultimately be found. As above, so below; as without, so within. The correction of the great imbalance in the world starts within each one of us. Allegiance is best given to that which first and foremost, is found there.

Let your every action be in defiance of a system that seeks to disenfranchise you. Let every single thing you do be a testament to the indomitable strength that is the legacy of every foundation ever built upon Truth. Vote with every dollar you spend, in defiance of the system that seeks to enslave you. Make every smile an action of defiance against that which seeks to conform and control you. Bring laughter, joy, and humor into everything you do, for in your very laughter will be found the antidote to that which seeks to keep you in a state of depression, fear, stress, and confusion. Create the opposite of these negative energetic constructs wherever you go. Every time you choose love over fear you act in defiance of a system that seeks to ensnare you in a web of apprehension and insecurity. In so doing, you will teach and inspire others to do the same.

To re-cognize is to remember those things you already knew which were held so deeply within that you forgot you even knew them. The depths of the human interior hold countless ages of wisdom teachings that are the birthright of every human being incarnate upon this earth. They will come unbidden to the surface, layer by layer, in a knowing way when life is lived with truth and authenticity. Rest assured the lessons you require will show up right on time, exactly when you need them, with no exceptions. Look to the Universal Laws that are the guiding principles of this earth and cosmos. To give yourself over to this understanding as a way of life is to become impeccably sovereign with the wisdom and truth that comes from within. There is no greater foundation to build upon, ever, than that of Truth.

The deeper you are willing to go with this interior work of yourself, and in comprehending and analyzing the exterior world we live in, the less willing you become to allow yourself to be polluted by that which is of this world, i.e., corrupted, profane, and lacking any spiritual depth whatsoever. To be in the world but not of it; the body becomes your temple, and you willingly adjust accordingly. To say this is an easy task would be far from accurate, perseverance is required. But one will also naturally attain a certain level of detachment in the process, and a feeling of centered balance that is unshakable. And it will be this essential detachment and balance that will allow you to see with unflinching comprehension exactly what is going on in the world today, and how best to methodically approach and counter it, come what may. Responsibility is the ability to respond. If we are not deliberate and united in this, then we have not the solidarity to confront and transform these issues. This is the path of the true warrior. And these times we live in call for each one of us who are so inclined, to acknowledge, comprehend, and dedicate ourselves to this path, and to unite and stand as one. No exceptions.


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