Pathos Mind, Divine Mind

Clouded by scrutiny
Derailed by insecurity
The pathos mind
is a ruse of the usurper
And the gauntlet of confusion
but a tool of fear

Let not your mind be goaded
Let not your heart be blind
Take your most sacred of devotions
And give them to divine mind

Master is he who sails his own seas
Who regards his own interior
As worthy not of degenerate waters
nor his thoughts to finite matters

And from the solitude of his darkest hour
will come The Great Revelation
The mind known most sublime
Of absolute, oceanic power

And the soul so devoured
Takes new, this holy endeavor
To be as sacred calling
this night of dark and final hour

That the Temple of Sophia
shall be not marked
as a grave of earthy man
Nor may none there enter
with uncleansed hands


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