This One Called Shiva

I have met this one
they call Shiva
He is both raging waters
and serene compassionate flow
He is lover and consort,
creator and destroyer.

He will turn you inside out
All your beliefs torn asunder
That you may find the light
from among the debris
so steadfastly gathered
and bound tight within.

Sacred and profane,
teacher and initiate,
beggar and king.
He will comfort and guide you,
shake and unwind you.

Be not attached to that which you think
he may or may not be for you,
for he is all of that and more.
Life and death, eternal and newly created,
dancing upon the graves and graces
of the righteous and demonic.

Wild and untamed,
beyond all forms of
matter and immateriality,
beyond all orthodoxy
He is that which is breath and breathing,
sound and silence.

This great and cosmic purifier,
ashen and serpent clad,
Will by means of righteous dissolution
dispel the darkness of deceit
That Truth be brought again
to the eyes of mortal men.


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