Standing Ground

Those who are sovereign from within can never be enslaved from without. To know the boundless heart of truth that resides within is to be wholly grounded in ones own inherent and sovereign power. Standing ground in full knowing is not about resistance. But is absolutely about being in such a state of alignment with your own internal reservoir of natural and innate wisdom that you become a living conduit for that which is the creative force of all that is. And in so standing, fear becomes nonexistent because it is no longer needed, nor is it a necessary part of your journey, and serves only to undermine your true standing as a co-creator in the universe.

Standing ground is to face what meets the eye from a non-attached, methodical perspective that allows one to critically analyze and measure every aspect of the situation in order to evaluate and find every trace and nuance of deception that may linger there. It’s about never flinching under the pressure of the onslaught, come what may. To never be fazed, but rather instead to seek overcoming that within yourself that would otherwise react from fear were it not so disciplined.

Be not weighed down by the fallacy of others. Let not their indiscretions leave a negative mark upon your heart. Don’t be limited by the small ideas of others. Grow full into your own knowing with unrelenting passion and a refusal to bend beneath the limitations set by others who eat of their own insecurities and will try to feed you of the same. Small minds run in small circles. Refuse to be pulled into that eddy of ignorance. Be ruthless in your refusal to break or bend from your position, except to gain greater understanding and grow in your own wisdom. Never give up and never give in. In your recognition of your self realization, you are a force to be reckoned with, and the time of reckoning is now.


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