The Parasitic Reach

Those who feed off the insecurities of others to build upon their own grandiose machinations of egocentric illusion are no more than a mere cog on the mortal wheel of deception spinning an axis of control upheld by fear. This parasitic reach runs miles deep into the hearts and minds of the unsuspecting. The wary know well from experience, their innocence long ago torn asunder, having come to greater understanding from the lessons of wise discernment.

Those who unknowingly, and yet willingly partake, are caught in a web so insidious and tight-knit that even the sharpest of intellects will struggle to be unbound by the scope of its reach within the psyche. Careful treading is essential of even the most astute of travelers to not be ensnared by the steel jaws of the trap that has been set long in advance of their arrival.

To usurp the sovereignty of the individual and control their thoughts and actions has been the mainstay of religions, governments, and miscreants for centuries. As long as people decline to think and act for themselves, and learn to discern truth from deception, they will continue to feed these cycles of parasitic constructs.

Such has become the bane of the free thinker, the one who sees past all the absurdities and lies. For try as the adherent of truth might to help free those imprisoned by their own misunderstandings and self-imposed limitations, it becomes, as such, a pointless task if none will choose this freedom for themselves, nor utilize the tools of knowledge being offered for them to do so.

Freedom, in this regard, is a hard won battle that is waged from within. Dismantling long held beliefs and shattering established dogma goes against the grain of the ego, and humility is a prerequisite. The dissolution, deconstruction, and annihilation of illusions is a powerful and cathartic process to partake of, and imperative for true growth to occur. There is absolutely nothing to fear and everything to be gained by the understanding and utilization of this tool in your arsenal of discernment and ultimate Truth.


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