Refinement and perfection of the self becomes a quiet and profound devotion to the discipline of all the interior processes involved with incarnation and self-knowledge, above all else. Every thought, every action, therefore dedicated to this one goal.

To create that which imparts healing and balance in the world, and helps others to be released from their own demons of self-recrimination, attachment, and fear, is the greatest gift we could ever bring into the world, and will thus empower others to do the same.

We rise in unison, in the same way we falter as one, if we choose ignorance and fear over love and truth. For I say to you, there is no greater gift you could give to yourself and the world, than that of a clear and open mind, and unobstructed eyes willing to see the Truth.

It is an arduous process for sure, this chosen path of self-discipline, and one with true knowledge would never dare make the claim of ever reaching perfection, for as such it is a never ending journey. Continual self-analysis and critical thinking are tantamount to progression, and fearlessness the consequence of repeatedly sacrificing self to this wisdom.


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