Nutritional Complacency: The Cash Cow of Deception

You can absolutely count on the fact that just about everything you’ve ever been taught about nutrition from the mainstream medical perspective is outdated and often inaccurate. It is considered to be true by many that well over 90 percent of the published medical information doctors rely on is flawed. The fact that chronic degenerative diseases, cognitive decline, and obesity are skyrocketing in unprecedented numbers across all age groups should be an enormous red flag to anyone even remotely paying attention.

It is no wonder there is so much confusion and lack of knowledge on the part of people understanding their own physiology. Many doctors are simply lacking proficient training on the dominant role that nutrition can play in healing fundamental biological processes of chronic disease and degeneration, and we are constantly inundated with conflicting information until completely paralyzed as to which direction to go, settling for the status quo of what we’ve always been told, even when it is misleading, and thus becoming complacent with our own best defense: self-education. The withholding of information crucial to understanding basic health and physiology, and the bombardment of conflicting information regarding nutrition is the very foundation of perpetrating the myths that have beleaguered the perceptions of the populace to such a degree that they in large part give up even trying to understand.

Take. for instance, the dogma surrounding the myth of cholesterol and heart disease. The majority of people still think that cholesterol is the “big baddie” when it comes heart disease, but nothing could be further from the truth, as research and science repeatedly confirm. The body and brain thrive on natural healthy saturated fats and cholesterol as a prime fuel source for peak performance. Highly processed foods, which rely on oxidized and unsaturated fats, starch, and sugars are the real culprits that need complete elimination from the diet in order to stabilize and gain health, healing, and weight loss.

Another example of misguided information is to be found in epigentetics. We are given to believe that genetic expression is entirely out of our control and that we are helpless to the effects however they may play out within our bodies. Again, nothing could be further from the truth. Genetic expression is absolutely reliant upon the effects of the environment and nutrition, and not the other way around. Environmental toxins and nutritional degradation play crucial roles in affecting genetic expression and inducing degenerative diseases, and we have much greater control over our individual health than we are given to believe or choose to exercise, again due to the lack of accurate information and the initiative of individuals to do their own research. We are less at the mercy of genetics than we are of our own ignorance if we don’t educate ourselves and take responsibility for our own nutritional health in these matters. Complacency is exactly the fulcrum ignorance needs to trump critical thinking.

The amount of toxins present in food, health, and beauty products is unprecedented and very seriously compromising the health of all people. We have become completely inured and complacent in these matters, trusting the corporatocracy of academia, agriculture, and the medical pharmaceutical establishments to act with integrity and in the best interest of the people, when in fact they are blatantly doing exactly the opposite of that. The amount of money spent on maintaining dis-ease, and not healing or curing them, is astronomically out of proportion with what could be done to actually eliminate such diseases if nutritionally based approaches were utilized to promote health and longevity. Many would argue it is by design of social engineering that we have been completely bombarded with food and environmental toxins, and the clear lack of concise education regarding these issues is substantive. I, for one, would never argue this point, so compelling the evidence is to support this view, and in all consideration, it is a completely valid argument. The dis-ease of people is a multitrillion dollar coup perpetrated and upheld by the giants of corporate industry.

Each of us has expansive power to take charge of our own health and healing if we simply take the time to educate ourselves and make the adjustments necessary to bring about positive results from such efforts. It is not easy to make these changes, and one has to be willing to take out the trash, literally. To throw out food and products that are toxic to your physical being, and refuse to purchase products that support manufacturing processes of corporations that foist their toxins upon the people and upon this earth. There has never been a time when information was so readily available to do just that, and to rely on a mainstream medical perspective that is inherently flawed is to participate and be complicit in our own demise. It takes fortitude, patience, and perseverance to become knowledgeable in what is true in a world built upon layers of pretense and deception, and self education shall be our greatest weapon in this effort.

Suggested Reading:
A Consumers Dictionary of Food Additives by Ruth Winter, MS
A Consumers Dictionary of Cosmetic Ingredients by Ruth Winter, MS
Health And Nutrition Secrets by Russell L. Blaylock, MD
Primal Body, Primal Mind by Nora T. Gedgaudas, CNS, CNT
The Grain Brain by David Perlmutter, MD
Keto Clarity by Jimmy Moore


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