Status Quo

Driven to distraction and addicted to the endless trivialities of “bread and circuses”, and wine and roses, we fail as a culture to step back and seriously analyze what is happening in the greater arena right before our very eyes. This is denial in its most dangerous manifestation, and is perfectly utilized by those perpetrating the madness.

By keeping us busy upon the hamster wheel of “breaking news” and incessant useless drama, the self-righteous indignation and multitude of divisions fomented are merely a tactical manipulation of externalization. It’s the oldest trick in the book: divide and conquer.

Until we assert an equally deliberate, sustained, and undivided effort towards looking as deep within for our truth as we do towards searching externally for the answers to the problems and chaos found throughout the world, we will solve nothing and continue on as always, thus shall the status quo remain.


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