Grand Larceny

This makeshift reality of deception so masterfully propagated evolves from a deep-seated current of malevolence darker than most care to consider. As such, it requires a deeper knowing coupled with intuitive skill to override the programming. At best we are fodder and grist for the machinations of those who own and operate the mill in this grand larceny of human souls if we do not opt to choose for ourselves and walk a path of truth. The deeper the river of falsehood, the greater the strength and fortitude needed to overcome this multifaceted web of lies that serves to enslave mankind into a soulless and psychological entropy that all but destroys the intuitive mind and creates an insidious collective apathy, unnoticed by all except those with the most intrepid and exploring minds.


One thought on “Grand Larceny

  1. Your mastery of the written word enables you to express the very thoughts and feelings I have had for years yet lacked the eloquence to verbalize!


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