An Inside Job

As one year closes and another commences, I am reminded of all the work completed and goals accomplished this past year; yet with so much left to be done, I am also reminded of the ebb and flow that quietly informs our lives with an undercurrent of steadfastness and courage requisite when facing such times of uncertainty. In the very act of letting go we are given security to stand on our own, making room for what needs to grow by throwing out what needs to go. For each of us this is a constant and transformative process throughout life, but never so poignant as when one year ends and another begins.

May the coming year be one of inner transformations of such magnitude that we see monumental change effected in real time, real world surroundings. May peace find it’s way again to the forefront of the imagination of the people, and thus so, in their lives as well. May those who propagate fear, war, and hate be relegated to the sidelines as historical footnotes, that we may begin to create artfully lived lifetimes here and now, rather than in some hoped for distant future.

May all who understand this and seek to create change for the good of all in this world, here and now, reach deep into the innermost sanctum of their being and forge new chains of self-mastery, each link representing another challenge faced with undaunting strength, grace, courage, and wisdom. In healing the self, we heal the world. The work to be done is an inside job from day one. May we all heed the wisdom and truth of deeper ancestral knowledge, and seek not to gain of this world, but to be that which dreams and creates the world anew. Amen and blessed be.


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