Growing up artistically inclined in a spiritually vacant culture, in retrospect, was like having the extra sensory perceptions of a blind person while still being able to see.

While young and living in the Pacific Northwest forest lands, I spent a great amount of time wandering the woods for miles near where I lived. It was at this time in my life that I also experienced profound shifts of perception and significant awakenings. I attribute these events to the fact that I was literally walking upon land that for millennia was steeped in indigenous cultural traditions and spirit. This land of my birth, North America, is a land of deep indigenous tribal heritage. It is the land of the ancestors of this lineage who have walked before us, who are now looking back at us, beckoning us to awaken and follow. Their blood and bones, and all their ceremonial reverence and wisdom continues to reverberate through the ages; it will never be silenced. This land forever holds the echoes of their footprints, the visions of their dreamtime, the smoke of their fires.

I feel very strongly that this is the reason all of the experiences I was having and continue to have are often of an indigenous nature. I was given to understand things about myself which eventually brought great insight to my self awareness, but which at the time were quite confusing, and it took years to sort them all out. Without having any traditional elders to rely on, this quest has been a very solitary journey, yet I learned early that I was never truly alone. I also learned to never speak of such matters to those who have no understanding or experience of it, for the consequence will be harsh. My spirit allies are strong, and they are protective. I am given to this path as much as it was given to me. It has felt very much as though my time spent walking upon the land of these ancestors, and then later seeking out and researching everything I could find regarding their traditions, and approaching with respect and reverence was definitely noticed by those from the other side. As they say, when you take notice of the spirit realm, those in the spirit realm take notice of you. It was like that for me, a very interactive experience from the beginning; quite humbling and grounding.

Conversely, the culture of my birth, the land of the American Dream mythos and its aberrant government, has proven itself to be a fraudulent and deceitful entity. The tides of upheaval that are currently manifesting are the results of people waking up to the fact that the government of this country has long perpetrated a genocidal blueprint of corruption within its own borders and throughout the world. We live in a time of growing chaos, where sorting fact from fiction takes an inordinate amount of time, dedication, and research. I celebrate and applaud those who do so, for they pave the way for others to do the same. It is the quantity and growing intensity of the continuing propagated madness that keeps people distracted, but it also reveals how desperate and fearful the schemers are of their ultimate plan failing. Desperate times call for desperate measures, and by this standard, their time of reckoning has come; their days are numbered.

When one is tapped into the traditional wisdom of tribal integrity, there is no stronger philosophy of life to be found. The knowledge of indigenous wisdom holds the keys to the survival of our planet, and all her people. This is what the controllers of modern humanity have tried so desperately to erase with their historical worldwide agendas and the genocide of tribal cultures. But truth prevails, and these are decidedly the days of prevailing truth. Like the voices of the indigenous, these winds are blowing fierce and strong with each and every new day.

So if we are to pronounce that which will create a system which makes the old schematic of corrupt governance unacceptable and obsolete, let us choose from among the wisest cultural traditions to be found on this earth. Let us learn what it means to live in balance, and with reverence for all that is. Let us learn to set aside greed. Let us set aside opposition and war in favor of communication. Let the highest good of all be the goal. Let us remember, true leaders work to lift the people up, never to subjugate and oppress them further.

The great and converging tides of change and inspiration are filling the borderlands and every facet of all our lives. This should be our calling card that now is not the time to wait. Now is the time to choose.


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