Standing Ground

Those who are sovereign from within can never be enslaved from without. To know the boundless heart of truth that resides within is to be wholly grounded in ones own inherent and sovereign power. Standing ground in full knowing is not about resistance. But is absolutely about being in such a state of alignment with your own internal reservoir of natural and innate wisdom that you become a living conduit for that which is the creative force of all that is. And in so standing, fear becomes nonexistent because it is no longer needed, nor is it a necessary part of your journey, and serves only to undermine your true standing as a co-creator in the universe.

Standing ground is to face what meets the eye from a non-attached, methodical perspective that allows one to critically analyze and measure every aspect of the situation in order to evaluate and find every trace and nuance of deception that may linger there. It’s about never flinching under the pressure of the onslaught, come what may. To never be fazed, but rather instead to seek overcoming that within yourself that would otherwise react from fear were it not so disciplined.

Be not weighed down by the fallacy of others. Let not their indiscretions leave a negative mark upon your heart. Don’t be limited by the small ideas of others. Grow full into your own knowing with unrelenting passion and a refusal to bend beneath the limitations set by others who eat of their own insecurities and will try to feed you of the same. Small minds run in small circles. Refuse to be pulled into that eddy of ignorance. Be ruthless in your refusal to break or bend from your position, except to gain greater understanding and grow in your own wisdom. Never give up and never give in. In your recognition of your self realization, you are a force to be reckoned with, and the time of reckoning is now.

Pathos Mind, Divine Mind

Clouded by scrutiny
Derailed by insecurity
The pathos mind
is a ruse of the usurper
And the gauntlet of confusion
but a tool of fear

Let not your mind be goaded
Let not your heart be blind
Take your most sacred of devotions
And give them to divine mind

Master is he who sails his own seas
Who regards his own interior
As worthy not of degenerate waters
nor his thoughts to finite matters

And from the solitude of his darkest hour
will come The Great Revelation
The mind known most sublime
Of absolute, oceanic power

And the soul so devoured
Takes new, this holy endeavor
To be as sacred calling
this night of dark and final hour

That the Temple of Sophia
shall be not marked
as a grave of earthy man
Nor may none there enter
with uncleansed hands

Of Irish Soul

I have no land to call my home,
no culture of great inheritance,
and wandering thus, have I found my own.
The ancestors who speak to me,
are true, and noble, and free.

Their strength is the wisdom of the land.
In the trees, rocks and soil,
in every blade of grass.
Their blood once shed,
still seeds the land.
Stories, once told – the legends of old,
are carried now, their voices on the wind.

By the firelight I see their shadows,
and feel the bearing weight
of their calm and certain presence.
They are of the old ways, of ancient Irish blood.
They have spoken, and I, young, but not unaware,
have listened.

And so, I now walk
with strength that comes
from a deep inner knowing,
a strength that is of the land,
and of the heart;
of courage, strength, and grace.
There is nowhere I go,
these ancestral spirits will not be.

They know that I know.
They know that I see.
And with their blood in my soul,
and their blessing upon my grave,
I shall awaken each day
and go forth, renewed and seeking.

Born again, I live for them;
breathe for them, fight for them.
And when the night
shall at long last fall,
then, will I lay this body down
and be thus blessed,
in the wisdom and purity
that is the legacy
of their undying grace.

The Lost Art of Introspection

It occurs to me that we are so inundated by the barrage of information teasing us with endless possibilities of this or that scenario, that we have become somewhat addicted by this constant stream of distraction to the emotional indignation it produces within us. What arises from this is a very attached and entrenched association with the surrounding landscape of the material world in which we live. It produces an incessant current of fear and anxiety that never leaves our consciousness and permanently imprints itself upon us unless we choose to consciously disengage from it. We have become, in so many ways, lost to this. We have forgotten how to disconnect from that which so subtly engenders fear, and reconnect to that which trumps fear completely. To live free of fear is a rare trait to be found in anyone today. We are so insidiously conditioned to live with it, and so inextricably linked to it, that we have become inured to its very presence because it feels normal. The anxiety this produces is at the root of most of the disease and discordant energy we find prevalent in the world today.

It is in moments of great and deep introspection, and most especially if one is out of doors and in a natural setting, that a sense of inner stillness, wonder, and energetic renewal can be most readily attained. In simple and quiet contemplation can be found that which speaks a greater truth to us. Of gratitude, peace, and inner knowing. On an intuitive level this is one of the most healing gifts we can ever give ourselves, for thus renewed we are able to view the world from a more calm and centered perspective. It invariably becomes the greatest gift we can offer to those around us as well, for we become more present to the moment we are in, without the usual outside distractions and currents of fear interfering with our clarity.

As a culture, we have forgotten how to detach ourselves from the technology of materialism and do the work of introspection. We are so inundated with technological gadgetry and the unseen influences upon the physical body it produces, and so disconnected from nature, that we are fast losing one of the greatest gifts of life: to stand in awe of the natural beauty we are surrounded with, and in so doing, revitalizing body, mind, and spirit. To sit under the stars at night and feel the awe that this simple act fills us with, to relax and savor the power and beauty of natural landscapes. It is vital to our own inner landscapes that we do so.

To sit in deep contemplation and introspection is one of the greatest gifts we can ever bestow upon ourselves, and one of the greatest gifts to teach to our children as well. To observe with honest and unflinching awareness our habitual thinking patterns is the biggest step we can take in achieving inner peace. To observe what we are thinking and most importantly, why. For with that deep introspection we learn to tame our fears and anxieties. One is able to think more clearly if a habit is made of completely disconnecting from the exterior landscape and searching the landscapes within, locating the weeds habitually growing there, and to thus begin the laborious process of pulling them up one by one, by the deep roots of confusion and fear that once, so long ago, planted them there. It is imperative for our healing that we learn to pull all the weeds of needless mental activity and self-recrimination, and to see them with precision and clarity for exactly what they are.

This art of introspection is critical to our survival. If we are constantly directing our attention outward, we are literally giving ourselves away to distractions outside of us on a continual basis. If we stop, and turn that attention inward, and simply observe what we are thinking and why, we have begun to utilize the most valuable tool in our arsenal of critical thinking. This self-reflection and observance is crucial to our understanding the inner landscapes of consciousness. There are very powerful rewards to be gained from this simple practice of introspection. The value of self-reflection is absolutely of equal accord and importance with selflessness. The two in dynamic and sacred balance become the very way in which we will walk through this world with the strength of clear vision and the wisdom of an open heart. It is crucial to take time for yourself, away from everything else, and become centered, and from this position of centeredness arises the ability to discern truth from falsehood in the chaos of the external world, and to do so in a calm, thoughtful manner.

How different would the world become, if all children were taught to live with this valuable teaching? I strongly believe this priceless tool of self observation and introspection would be immediately and naturally grasped by the very young. To teach children the art of introspection from an early age gives them the keys to navigate the world from a place of centered balance and inner strength. Introspection naturally brings insight, and insight always gives wise discernment.

If our own inner realities are clouded, chaotic, and confused, is it any wonder that this is exactly what we find externally as well? As within, so without. This timeless truth packs a powerful punch when taken to heart.

The Plague Of Nations

Is there something in our collective ancestral heritage that points to the reason we are so contentious and prone to war? What is the spark that fuels the fire of conflict and corruption that bleeds from us daily the right to inherit an earth that is safe haven for people, families, and cultures to live and prosper without greed and despair? When it is so obviously an easy task to complete any endeavor with the cooperation and creative talents of all those involved, why do we continually fall prey to those who lead us to war and continue to desecrate this earth with their genocidal ways? Why are we so silently complicit in looking the other way? Are we really so afraid? If so, then of what? Of what others may think if we speak or act counter to alleged social norms? This fear of what others will think is the most ridiculous yet powerfully persistent self-imposed prison ever perpetrated, which enables the corrupted corporate and governing powers to continually wage their unprecedented campaign of disinformation and annihilation upon us. It is the blind allegiance to that which proclaims authority over you, and acts without morals while claiming such authority, that allows this facade to continue year after year.

Do not let the psychopathy of others define who you are. Do not allow yourself to continue to be one of a multitude of caricatures of social programming. Reach out and step across boundaries meant to hem you in to certain views of your world. Every time you feel the urge of hesitation for fear of what others will think, keep going. Walk beyond those walls which are there to ensnare you into repetitious patterns of behavior. Question everything you are served and given as truth by your so called leaders – or more aptly, misleaders – and look elsewhere for your truth and understanding.

I posit the plague of nations to be wrought by the dark and deceitful hearts of a ruling elite bent on keeping us mired in economic distress and divisions of contention. Have we not had enough of their disempowering agendas? Can we not see clearly the inherent power we all collectively own to provide for ourselves and cooperate with one another to accomplish our own goals, if we but simply choose and claim as much for ourselves? Are we going to accept another generation of this divide and conquer paradigm that has so enslaved us physically and mentally?

It is said we are a species with amnesia and I could never argue this, so clearly apparent this has become. It is also said we are governed by those whose only wish is to keep us in a state of ignorance as to our true origins and history, and one should be very inclined and compelled to wonder why. To be kept in perpetual darkness is to be kept in perpetual slumber. To accept what we are given to believe is true history as solid verifiable fact without question is akin to suicide. For without a clear understanding and perspective of history we are in slow decline as a species rather than evolving to become the greater spiritual beings we are.

The greatest weapons we have available to use to overcome the imbalances present in the world today come from within. It is critical we turn inward to transform ourselves from the inside out, and only then can we surmount and then surpass these challenges we are faced with. In this regard, consciousness is the final frontier, and is where this great work will manifest. Until one looks beyond the mundane of this world, becomes deeply introspective, and critically analyzes their own beliefs and consciousness, they will remain on the hamster wheel of searching for answers externally, in the material world. The battlefield is the mind, and directed consciousness is the key. It is all too easy to be distracted in this world, and that is by design. It is crucial we turn a discerning eye inward, where all true sovereignty begins, and will ultimately be found. As above, so below; as without, so within. The correction of the great imbalance in the world starts within each one of us. Allegiance is best given to that which first and foremost, is found there.

Let your every action be in defiance of a system that seeks to disenfranchise you. Let every single thing you do be a testament to the indomitable strength that is the legacy of every foundation ever built upon Truth. Vote with every dollar you spend, in defiance of the system that seeks to enslave you. Make every smile an action of defiance against that which seeks to conform and control you. Bring laughter, joy, and humor into everything you do, for in your very laughter will be found the antidote to that which seeks to keep you in a state of depression, fear, stress, and confusion. Create the opposite of these negative energetic constructs wherever you go. Every time you choose love over fear you act in defiance of a system that seeks to ensnare you in a web of apprehension and insecurity. In so doing, you will teach and inspire others to do the same.

To re-cognize is to remember those things you already knew which were held so deeply within that you forgot you even knew them. The depths of the human interior hold countless ages of wisdom teachings that are the birthright of every human being incarnate upon this earth. They will come unbidden to the surface, layer by layer, in a knowing way when life is lived with truth and authenticity. Rest assured the lessons you require will show up right on time, exactly when you need them, with no exceptions. Look to the Universal Laws that are the guiding principles of this earth and cosmos. To give yourself over to this understanding as a way of life is to become impeccably sovereign with the wisdom and truth that comes from within. There is no greater foundation to build upon, ever, than that of Truth.

The deeper you are willing to go with this interior work of yourself, and in comprehending and analyzing the exterior world we live in, the less willing you become to allow yourself to be polluted by that which is of this world, i.e., corrupted, profane, and lacking any spiritual depth whatsoever. To be in the world but not of it; the body becomes your temple, and you willingly adjust accordingly. To say this is an easy task would be far from accurate, perseverance is required. But one will also naturally attain a certain level of detachment in the process, and a feeling of centered balance that is unshakable. And it will be this essential detachment and balance that will allow you to see with unflinching comprehension exactly what is going on in the world today, and how best to methodically approach and counter it, come what may. Responsibility is the ability to respond. If we are not deliberate and united in this, then we have not the solidarity to confront and transform these issues. This is the path of the true warrior. And these times we live in call for each one of us who are so inclined, to acknowledge, comprehend, and dedicate ourselves to this path, and to unite and stand as one. No exceptions.

And Still The Drum Beats On

The drums. Their beat rolls on.
Through the hills and valleys of my mind,
and through my heart they summon me.
Ages past, ancestors dwelling upon this earth,
shed their blood and buried their dead
in their own fierce battles for justice.
And still the drum beats on.
Those who hear it and listen
and heed the call are awakened
to their souls full potential
incarnative dance with life,
and shall have no fear of death.
No price too high, no burden too heavy
for to carry the weight of this drumbeat in your soul.
It is everything you have ever been, are, and will ever be.
And still the drum beats on.
Unstoppable. Unfathomable in depth
because all who came before
and carried your blood
are here with you now.
They hear the drumbeat of your heart.
They feel it in your soul.
Never give in. Never lay waste
to that which comes from within
and speaks to you of truth
and love over fear and death.
For in truth there is no death.
And in love there is no room for fear.
Die now to the self that you choose to be.
Burn out all of the chaff and waste and debris
this world has laid hard upon you.
Walk a free man. Walk a free woman.
Dare not to tread this earth in fear.
The time has come.
And for you, the drum beats on.

The Age of Truth Revealing Itself

In this age of truth revealing itself as never before, we are suddenly confronted with knowledge that allows us to see with profound transparency, from where we have come to where we now find ourselves.

What has in the past been regarded and accepted as unquestionably true, has countless times in this age been upended and found to be a compilation of deceptions and fraud designed to control our perceptions, and thus our actions in light of those perceived truths. To uncover lie after lie in so many veins of modern culture, from history to medicine, from religion to politics and everything in between, can potentially be a most enlightening experience, but often only after one gets through the sobering maze and overwhelming moments of discomfort from the depressing realizations that occur when the foundations of what we thought to be true get truly shaken.

To extricate oneself from imposed illusions is to let go of that which we already somehow knew on a deeply instinctual level was patently false, and therefore restricting our true living potential.
And to so liberate ourselves in such a manner, we are then confronted with the question of what to do with this new found perspective. Where do we go next? How do we continue to create meaningful lives and contribute to that which is of the truth when surrounded by so many deceptions and power structures aimed at controlling and restricting our behaviors and health every step of the way?

We must disengage, as much as we are able to given the circumstances, from every facet and thread of that which is born of this machine of deception every chance we get. It might seem insurmountable, but if enough people turn away from that which is false and connect with that which is of the truth and with others who choose the same, and start doing for themselves and for each other, a tide begins to form. And where there is such a tide, there is a powerful current. That energy builds upon itself to become ever greater with the momentum of its own actions.

There is no stronger foundation than that which is built upon truth. A foundation built upon lies will invariably fail. There is universal law and there is man made law. Universal law is based upon truth. Man-made law? Well, we can clearly see what this has wrought. To be sure, there are many amazing accomplishments in the history of mankind. Now imagine the possibilities if greed were suddenly taken out of the equation, and everything accomplished was done for the good of all, with utmost regard and respect for future generations. This, I propose, should be our greatest calling.

Do not wait for a leader, lead yourselves. We all intrinsically know what to do. Respect others as you would yourself. Respect all life as sacred. This is the path of truth indigenous cultures have practiced and taught for millennia. It is time to heed the call.

Fear not. For fear is a restrictive energy and does nothing to empower you and everything to dis-empower you. Examine your fears and discard them. They are useless to you, and have been instilled to keep you in a state of paralysis. Be open to change, to new ideas. Question everything. Revel in your new found freedom to not be subservient to that which is not of the truth. Liberate yourself. Explore! Truth is a very powerful field in which to engage your living consciousness. Live each moment well, and everything else will start to fall into place.

One of the most difficult truths to face is that of the great suffering inflicted upon others, which is modern slavery in multiple guises: war atrocities, mass incarcerations, usury and central banking, debt based economies, monopolization of media and education, toxins in the food and medicines we ingest. How does one reconcile themselves to this madness? I do not claim to know the answer, all I can relate is what my experience evolves to be. If we do not educate ourselves, we leave it to others to do so, and if we leave it to others to do so who may not have our best intentions at heart, where does that leave us? Who is responsible for our knowledge and education? In short, we are. There are no more excuses because we now have a windfall of information at our fingertips.

If we choose not to enlighten ourselves, so be it. I can only choose for myself, as is true for you. We can choose to connect with others who are choosing for themselves as well, or not. Most people seem to prefer complacency in this regard, because – and I can truly attest to this – it takes a great effort to educate yourself. It requires a complete dismantling of everything you were taught to be true in your lifetime and re-educating yourself. It does become easier with time, and the further out you are willing to take your perspectives with regards to ancient history and the deeper transcendent teachings, the easier it becomes to stay calm while surrounded by chaos. It is a simple task to decipher truth from fiction, and see the media spins for what they truly are: fear porn. The moment you start to unravel the myths is the moment you emancipate yourself, and to become liberated from deception is to choose sovereignty over slavery.

To begin the process, one must peel back layers and layers of social conditioning, as one would layers from an onion. Question everything. Dis-spell the labels and memes. The deeper you go with the interior work of yourself, and in analyzing and comprehending the exterior world we live in, the less willing you are to allow yourself to be polluted by that which is of this world and designed to keep us disenfranchised and in a state of dis-ease. Connecting with, and learning from others of like mind is crucial to this process of awakening, and helps to ease the isolation that is commonly felt on the frontlines.

Is it possible that we have been misled for centuries by those who wished only to control and enslave us??? Yeah, pretty much. And who is responsible to this revelation? We are. As well it should be. Enjoy the ride, because it’s exciting as hell, but without all the incumbent bullshit once you learn to see it for what it is. Cheers! And hats off to those who live to dispel illusion and propagate the truth!